Baby Girl Eintstein

Well not really. Maybe she’s Mozart. All I know is it seems that daily she comes up with new things that totally floor me. And of course I have to tell everyone all the wonderfully cute/super smart/wonderful things she does. Like at the store yesterday (without a 2-year old tantrum in sight), she said thank you to the girl bagging our groceries, then opened her arms wide to give her a hug. And she says “luv you” without me saying it first. Kills me! I don’t know what I’d do without her, must figure out a way to work out the money stuff.

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Life, Stress, and Flowers

I haven’t written in ages. Not that I haven’t wanted to,  but I think I’ve had too much to talk about. And yet, much of the things I NEED to talk about are too personal almost to talk about (you really don’t want to know the gory details, but you will). Then I felt guilty, for not writing. So I hid from it, avoiding the need. Now it’s been months. So much more has happened. I’ll have to spam to get it all out. Expect spewage.

Life: Hundreds of new words, moments uncaptured on film, plus Christmas with lots of pictures.

Stress: Working on the adoption, money or lack thereof, organization (or lack thereof), work layoffs (waiting with bated breath to see if my name is called)

Flowers: Well not lots of flowers, I don’t get flowers. But one new flower: Iris Marie. She’s cute. Hoping to be grandma only this time. Passing her back when she makes a mess.

Alright, there’s my goals, lots to write. Plus I’m thinking of what I want to be when I grow up, with music taking over so much of my life. And oddly enough, took one of those tests (personality or some such) and it said my top career would be – drum roll – yep, Music. They must not know I can’t sing a lick, can only sort of play the piano.  But then, there is more to music than that. Can I? Use my passion for all things music and make a career of it? Is teaching still possible? Or my desire to learn about websites, creating them, designing them.

Well, you never know. I’ve still got a whole ‘nother life to live. Anything could happen!

Spoiled. Totally spoiled.

I was spoiled. Totally. Hope my cousins never see my blog. I was an only child, and my grandmother’s baby. Easter time? I didn’t just get one big basket. I got 3. Christmas stockings? At least 2 from gran. Full to the brim. As a child at least, I only got 1 as an adult. Yes, I was spoiled.

You have to understand, under Gran’s tree (often ceramic and beautiful) the table overflowed with presents. New bf/gf, they got a present. Husbands/wives yep, they got presents. Packages were often super decorative. Fancy bows often with treats attached: little bags of chocolate coins, a small toy. We usually combined with my aunt’s family for Christmas, which meant 3 girls all around the same age. When we opened packages together, no one was different. If one girl got a doll from grandma, we all got one. Different styles, but still the same. Share and share alike. But that was only the story when we were actually “together”.
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Music Operandi

This is a post about process and music. I’m a huge music fan, and listen to a variety of genres/artists. A few stats: over 29,000 plays on since March (though that counts the ones played on home computer before that I think). Over 1,700 blips since I started in September. Over 500 artists have at least 16 plays in my library. Another 1,082 artists (my math, could be off) have anywhere from 3 to 16. About 1,404 have at least 2.

I listen to a LOT of music. And a lot of different stuff. To me the interesting thing is that I cross-over from source to source. has become my new toy and favorite, but is huge for me as well. I use those two in combination (along with a few others) to find new artists as well as listen and share old favorites. So this post is going to explain a bit with how they work together, along with other sites, to bring me to the music I DO play.
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Cookie Exchange

We have a cookie exchange at work every year, and every year I try out something new. Not sure why, obsession I guess. I’ve got lots of good recipes that I know come out just right and taste great, but I have to try something new.  So I found a recipe in a book at the store and of course came home to find it online. Although I did cheat, and use the camera phone to take pictures. Hate buying a book for 1 recipe. But then, I got to thinking, I wonder if I made a few changes, how would that come out. Of course I looked online to find something comparable, combined the two recipes, looked for another that used banana in it, worked that one in. Then went for it. Here’s the adventure.

Part I: I made a double batch, so I’d be sure and have enough to experiment with a bit, and plenty for the cookie exchange. The mixing was pretty straight forward except for some changes with flour. Knowing about the consistency I wanted, I added enough flour to get there. Then came the baking. First batch I used way too much dough. These cookies do expand when you’re cooking so leave room! Consistency is more like banana bread in a smaller size, not quite what I expected, added more flour, still the same. Decided to go with that, the flavor was great. Very banana-y. Still have to frost them to see what I get from that. Oh yeah, baby loves them. She kept trying to get me to give her more!
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Cold Feet, Warm Tortillas

Gran’s place always somehow seemed magical. From the circle of flowers to the faded yellow porch with the maca to rock on. I know now that it was an old, worn-down house, on an old-run down farm. Now it’s condos and tract homes. But I still remember where my tree house stood, where the lamb’s pen and the tire swing were. I still remember cold feet in the mornings and the taste of warm tortillas.

No two rooms were done the same, any carpet was threadbare; the linoleum old and worn, wood floors painted bright aqua, thick in spots where previous paint wasn’t sanded off. Gran kept her slippers beside her bed and never put her bare feet on the floor, but I was young. Old enough to do what I wanted, young enough to not care about the cold.
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Spice of Life

So it’s probably about time I do a music post. Music is a huge part of my online presence as well as my home life. I have music at work, in the car, on the phone, on my computer, the radio, etc. I listen to hip-hop, old school, jazz, blues, rap, reggae, metal, ska, rock, country. But I must say, my music tastes have changed a lot since I was a kid.

I lucked out I think, with my mom, dad, and grandmother. All music fans, and all had diverse tastes, with just a little crossover. So I listened to musicals with gran, motown and big band with my dad, folk and Woodstock artists with my mom. Then of course eventually I found “my generation” music that I liked. I even picked up some from my kid. Plus, I played piano. I had these old standard books that had songs like One Tin Soldier and Muskrat Love. Amazing the appreciation you gain from playing the stuff. Even if you’d never listen to it, it gets stuck in your head when it’s just the music and you.
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