Crooked Channels part II

Crooked channels can also apply to the convuluted nature of my thought process. Being an adult with ADHD I don’t always know where my brain is headed. Seems like a lot of times my brain is going nice and logically down the correct path and boom, I’m sidetracked. Seriously hate that! I’ll be cooking and concentrating then something distracts me and I’m like.. where did I put that spoon I was just holding? So welcome to my world. You may find at times that whatever I post makes no sense or is in no way connected to the thought that came before it. Yep, that’s how we roll in my life!


The beginnings, by definition, are always messy

So here I am (at 40) deciding that I’m completely surprised by my life as it is today. I’ve decided it’s time to journey to find myself. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a complete stranger, since as of now this isn’t posted or linked to my other blogs. Welcome, hang in there, because it’s probably going to get really messy.

Crooked channel has multiple meanings – one is that it’s a take off of the Sheryl Crow song Every Day Is A Winding Road or for the lyrics