Two a month! I’m on a roll!

Age 10: music was the highlight of my day. There was this red velvet sound chair – couldn’t find a picture but it was this chair that wrapped over the top kind of like a half egg shell. Loved to listen to my mom’s records in it. Or I could be found in my room with the headphones on bopping to my music – yeah I admit I listened to Shaun Cassidy, but I also liked Elvis, and Cat Stevens.

Highschool: I was the only one in my high school to ride in with the music blasting – to Glenn Miller. Yeah he still rocks!

Early 20’s: Blues, loved coming home and laying down in the dark room with a beer and Robert Cray or Buddy Guy on the stereo. Rap: Sugarhill Gang, Whodini, early Sir Mix A Lot. RnB/New Jack: RFTW (let me love you down), Tony Terry, Egyptian Lover (is that RnB or rap), Jonathan Butler

30’s: My daughter hits her stride with a lot of new stuff and I hate it! Well, Nickleback, Three Doors Down, I liked them. Refused to listen to things like that strange group Fall Out Boy, or Evanescence, or any of that metal crap.

Today: All of a sudden I’m not only tuning in to stuff I NEVER listened to before, I’m loving it. Love Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, like some Evanescence, listening to Metallica (a first for me), and all these other groups that I just love. Odd thing is, when I say how much I love this band I just found, people give me odd looks, because they’ve been out since the late 80’s – where the heck was I?

Yeah okay, just one of the many changes that have crept up on me as my years continue on, but my mind begins wandering backwards. Seriously, where’s the party? It’s sad – the groups that I’d love to go hear in concert I’d feel very awkward going to – everyone else will be 20 (if they’re even that old). Who am I?


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