Phallic symbols and the gaming industry

Yeah I get that most of the gamers out there are guys. And I get that guns and people with penises just seem to go together but really, did they have to be made so…. graphically similar? I mean really look at them (the blue things are the guns!)

It was all I could not to laugh when we put the “guns” on the ships. Seriously! I guess I’m the only one who found it at all amusing. I’m glad I didn’t laugh!

On to the serious part. I like this game (but I do like all the Catan incarnations) We played it with 6 people, all Catan players but only half knew THIS game. It was LONG and SLOW because of the learning curve. But it was fun. Lots of set up, toys to play with. The encounters with aliens (whee!) read like the old choose your own adventure which was rather fun. The lovely brown ships also act as a form of dice so lots of cool gadgets. And really, it’s Catan! I’d enjoy having this one and playing again. Wonder how well it works for two players?


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