22 months 19 days

I can’t get you to leave your headband in your hair, but now that you found your sunglasses you love putting them on and sliding them up. It’s fun to watch you name all the body parts involved: nose, ear, hair, eye. You’re so smart. You also know elbow, toes, feet, butt, flower (our name for private parts), knee, teeth, mouth, chin, eyebrow, neck, shoulder, belly button, fingers, hand. Not only do you know the words, you know the parts. I checked: expectation is that you’d know like 4 or 5 parts by now. A doctor for sure! We’ll start on the grey’s anatomy text next.


22 months 20 days

Was it really this hard the first time? I don’t remember your mom doing this crazy “no” thing. I know, it’s my fault. You think I’m funny every time I get upset at you telling me no. You’ve got a lot of different “no” sounds. The “no no no” when you know that’s not supposed to happen. The “no” said very firmly when you don’t want to do something. Now there is this “no” said ever 5 seconds. It was a very rough day with you at the laundromat using your firm no, then at home all afternoon with your new “no”. I was so frustrated. Sending you to your room didn’t change anything. We’ll have to rework this plan. Looks like our day tired you out though. Even though you said “no” to bedtime.

22 months 18 days

Playing with a new tool on this one. Found my card for camera yay so I can add pictures. I seem to have a hard time getting good ones with her and the cat. This cat: who is both a friend and an enemy. Numerous scratches on her arms attest to the fact that baby girl sometimes gets too rough. But I’ve seen the cat try and reach up to get the food from her mouth to. A love/hate relationship. “Misty get dow!” “Kitty bite. Owwie.” So many of her words are communications with the cat. Misty looks for her even as she swats at her. Alena chases her and pulls her tail even as she complains about bites and scratches. One or the other will eventually learn to avoid the whole situation, but for now, Baby girl/kitty love is evident.