22 months – 15 days

She’s finally starting to fuss with her hair. It’s so long and so curly, it gets in her face. The wind blows it. It gets tangled. But she’s so cute with her Shirley Temple curls. I haven’t the heart to cut it. Even though between her fiddling and the fine hair, rubber bands last oh, 30 seconds. We’ve tried headbands. She likes putting them on. She knows she’s pretty. And when I turn back around she has no idea where it went.curls

So I’ll cut her hair, eventually. And someday she may like the curls. Or want it straight. Or shave it off and make bald a fashion statement. But for now, she’s my own dark-haired (red-headed in the sun) Shirley Temple.


22 months – 14 days

So she was sitting on my bed while I ran to get a diaper. She’d picked out her clothes. “Puple socks.” When I got back she looked like this:

Both feet in one hole, and I can’t get her to stop putting her shirt on by putting her legs through the neck. So we took off the clothes and tried again:

I did help her get her second leg in the right hole. But she still knew how to put them on. And how to pull them up.

The final result required much celebration.

Clapping and happy smiles. I was told to “clap” too. She helped me by clapping my hands.Oh yeah, she can put her sneakers on. On the correct feet!

22 months 13 days

Caught her playing with her little piano today. She’d set a book on top, open. Every so often she would tap at the book and say something, then pound on the keys. Charlie Brown anyone? Of course she moved before I could get a picture. Note to self: Charge camera.