Day 2 of Big Girl’s Bed

Did I tell you I’m old? And forgetful? I probably forgot to. It’s been 18 years since I last had to deal with moving out of a crib to a regular bed. Which is a story all its own for another time. I can’t remember when you’re supposed to make that big transition. She doesn’t fall out of my bed. Often. And to be honest, my bed is a LOT higher than the double bunk bed bottom in her room. If she falls out of her big bed, she might wake up, but she won’t get hurt.

So I’ve been working on this transition. First we tried nap time. It was a novelty at first, then she decided she wanted to nap in her crib. Okay, try again. This time, not only did she lay in the big bed, she slept in the big bed. When nap time was over, she came on out. No fuss, no muss. Nice. Still wasn’t interested in big bed to go to sleep in at night. She was quite happy to bang on my door and point, clearly indicating her plans to sleep in MY bed.

Finally I just put her to bed one night in her bed. Covered her up, showed her that her water cup was right by her bed. Doll doll tucked in by her side, night light on, kisses. Then I held my breath. Some crying, reassurance. Some of the okay if you want to cry, I’ll close the door so you can have your tantrum alone (we’ve gone through that one before a LOT). Soon after, sleep. She woke up once and I went in and recovered her, and she went back to sleep.

Tonight is day two of this. Lot more fuss and muss. Crying. Now, as I write this, after one closing of the door, a second tuck in and admonishment to go to sleep, I am not hearing anything. Maybe I’ll be getting rid of the crib soon. Good thing, because they way she jumps on it I’m sure it’s going to break any day now.


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