Daredevil in the making

There was awe on her face as she looked up at the spinning wheel high in the air. Because it was just the two of us, I had no way to capture the look on her face, but the excitement was evident. She’d already expressed her delight at the rides, evidently she’s a speed lover. But now, before the super-high ferris wheel, she was captured.

As I pushed the stroller over the various obstacles, she would point out the “dogs” hanging in the game booths. She spotted food vendors, and a beautiful fairy like wreath (I can make one for you if you like) that I spent $2 on, people, games, but she was fine with moving by. Every so often we’d stop so she could watch, but that was me stopping, not her request. Then, the ferris wheel. The “oooooh”, the bouncing, the excitement. This ride had her attention and we had to stop. We also could not leave.

Of course it was slowing down as we got there. Doors opening, passengers clambering out while others climbed on board. I tried to move us on but was firmly told “no”. She wanted to stay and watch. So we watched. And waited. As the ride slowly filled back up. Then it started it’s slow acceleration. Her eyes watched the revolution, her hand pointed to the very top of the wheel, where it brushed the sky. The height is what impressed her.

Finally, I’d had enough of watching this wheel spinning round and round. I did look at the sign, because there were toddlers getting off the ride with parents. I knew that next year, if we come back to the fair, she’ll insist on that ride. Maybe I’ll avoid it all completely. I don’t DO heights. But it appears she’s a daredevil with no fears. She loved the tall slide at the Bounce U. I managed 2 trips. Barely. She likes the tallest slides, she swings happily on monkey bars. She dares. I don’t. But I will. But not today.


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