Almost 2!

So far I’m not doing well at keeping up with the blog! So many cute things and new things she’s done that I haven’t blogged. Going to just do a bunch of blurbs in this post. Can’t believe she’s almost 2 already.

Brushing her teeth:
She loves brushing her teeth, but we’ve still not got the hang of rinsing. But she has learned to spit. And to rinse her toothbrush in the toilet. <sigh> Need stock in toothbrush company. But I decided to practice the whole rinse and swallow in the bathtub with a cup. I found out exactly what she learned from my attempting to train her: how to make the face. I watched her drink the water, screw her face up into the oddest expression and spit. Not the water, she swallowed that. She just spits. <shakes head>

She talks. A lot!
At school the teachers have overheard her say “Nathan, sit down please.” I’ve heard her tell other kids “No running.” So three word, even four word sentences aren’t abnormal. She knows everyone’s name at school, she knows their moms. Always copying new words. But a couple of days ago she told me “I don’t want that.” Blew me away. When did she grasp the concept of “I”?

Panty experiment
Mind you, she’s been telling me pee-pee for like 5 months. Seriously. She can come tell me she has to go, or needs to be changed. She wipes. She can go all night and wake up dry. She can take her pants on and off. She’s ready right? Except no matter how frequently she sits on her potty it’s not until she gets off that she pees. On the floor, or her bed. So, I thought maybe if she had panties, she’d get wet and think ooh that’s what it is. I should go potty. Nope. 3 pairs of underwear 2 hours later, we went back to diapers. She’ll do it when she’s ready. But she seems so ready dang it! Oh well.

And by the way, she can count, but we haven’t figured out the showing she’s 2 with her fingers yet. But she does know her name. Ask her. She’s ‘Lena. Not sure if that’s gonna stick or not. We’ll see.

November 8th is just around the corner! We just have to get through Halloween first.


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