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So it’s probably about time I do a music post. Music is a huge part of my online presence as well as my home life. I have music at work, in the car, on the phone, on my computer, the radio, etc. I listen to hip-hop, old school, jazz, blues, rap, reggae, metal, ska, rock, country. But I must say, my music tastes have changed a lot since I was a kid.

I lucked out I think, with my mom, dad, and grandmother. All music fans, and all had diverse tastes, with just a little crossover. So I listened to musicals with gran, motown and big band with my dad, folk and Woodstock artists with my mom. Then of course eventually I found “my generation” music that I liked. I even picked up some from my kid. Plus, I played piano. I had these old standard books that had songs like One Tin Soldier and Muskrat Love. Amazing the appreciation you gain from playing the stuff. Even if you’d never listen to it, it gets stuck in your head when it’s just the music and you.

High school was in the 80’s so I listened to a lot of the normal stuff. But I also went to school blasting Glen Miller. And I got into Rap when it was still old-school. So the new stuff, I don’t like so much, but play a little Grandmaster Flash and I’m ready to go. It’s funny as you listen to songs, they bring back memories. I hear a song and I see the cover of the album (when there were albums) like Tea For The Tillerman or Gord’s Gold. Later it was cassettes, covers weren’t so exciting in the smaller version. But I remember having Dire Straits and Bob Seger. I even had a Guns N Roses CD I think. Along with Whodini and Run DMC.

It’s only been in the past year that I’ve really expanded my musical tastes. Some of the bands I listen to know, are ones my daughter loves. And I hated, or refused to listen to. So yeah I like Hinder, Puddle of Mudd, Fall Out Boy. And I keep finding new stuff I like. Being in research, it’s fun to go out looking for stuff. I may start posting as I find new groups (or new to me at least) because it helps me remember who they are, and why I like them.

I use a couple of music sites that I like: last.fm, blip.fm, and favtape. I also hop on myspace to track down artists. Blip is my latest craze, where you can “DJ” for people as well as listen to great music. Plus it feeds into Twitter (hint: if you play a lot, make a second account to feed to or you lose a lot of followers). Last.fm tracks what you hear in a variety of ways and tracks it, giving you recommendations which is cool. Favtape is another way of making a playlist to share. Harder to do on blip.fm or last.fm.

Think I’ll wait for another time to go into how I do my searches and track down new stuff to listen to. Want to hear what I’m listening to, track me down. I might even play some of my guilty pleasures, like The Pina Colada song. But don’t worry, if you don’t like the “station” I’m on at the moment, it’ll change soon. Probably something there for everyone. Unless you like only classical and opera. Sorry.

I’ll leave you with my latest favorite. A San Luis Obispo band I’d love to see called Still Time.

Want more go here.


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