Music Operandi

This is a post about process and music. I’m a huge music fan, and listen to a variety of genres/artists. A few stats: over 29,000 plays on since March (though that counts the ones played on home computer before that I think). Over 1,700 blips since I started in September. Over 500 artists have at least 16 plays in my library. Another 1,082 artists (my math, could be off) have anywhere from 3 to 16. About 1,404 have at least 2.

I listen to a LOT of music. And a lot of different stuff. To me the interesting thing is that I cross-over from source to source. has become my new toy and favorite, but is huge for me as well. I use those two in combination (along with a few others) to find new artists as well as listen and share old favorites. So this post is going to explain a bit with how they work together, along with other sites, to bring me to the music I DO play.

I mentioned and before and they both have their uses. Blip is so much fun because I play a song and then boom someone likes it and reblips, or props. Instant gratification for playing a song! Plus I get to talk about the song. Sometimes the song really says what I’m feeling, whether with lyrics or with music tone (pounding, upbeat, funky). lets me play everything I want similar to a favorite artist, or that I’ve tagged. I use tags like “hardrock mood” or “hear more”. I’ve even got a couple of playlists I will listen to, though I usually play at work, when it’s harder to blip because I’m working (doh) and to discover new stuff to share. The player has a great drag-and-drop for tagging feature, plus I can “love” stuff and send it to twitter.

Now for the complicated stuff. Since I’ve started using blip, I really like it better. Because it gives me a little more “personality” to the songs I share. You can bounce songs off other DJs, play themed stuff, and just really let what you say fit the mood you’re in, or the mood of the song. So now is helping to build my blipping library. Love finding artists that other people haven’t heard and also great stuff that I haven’t heard. So a song comes on blip and all of a sudden I’m in the mood for Matt Nathanson (or Lynard Skynard, or Paul Simon, or metal, whatever) and off I go to to stroll through similar artists. This usually leads to a furious flipping of windows: find an artist on, flip to see if it’s there, preview it, Oooh I like it, Blip. Sometimes I use to grab info on the artist, like where they’re from, or if they’ve been in other bands. I also really rely on tags to organize stuff. I’ve got new tags now, because of blip: “blipworthy”, “blip-cali”, and “projects” that help sort into themes I can share.

Of course I don’t rely just on blip and, I use google to find lyrics or more information about an artist. Somemtimes I’ll hear an artist that I can’t find more songs anywhere, then I’ll jump to myspace, find them there. I also like favtape because it let’s me pick one artist and play non-stop through the list (if they’ve actually got the song). forces you to re-hit play after every song. Plus on favtape it’s super quick to make a playlist. I’m actually thinking of working on that one, coming up with say 3 hour long playlists based on themes. Something that someone (as if that would happen) could click on a list and have a party all ready to go. I’ve made a couple so far, including one for Memorial Day. Biggest drawback with them is that many of the songs are listed, but not actually playable. Means you have to go through a list and check each song, then make a new list of working ones.

I also do a lot of google searching for things like top songs about sex, top break-up songs. Whatever fits my mood, or someone is looking for. At heart I’m a researcher and I love to go find obscure stuff for people. That’s probably why blip works for me, I’m sharing my love of music, able to help others by finding stuff, and researching. Sad that you can no longer upload stuff, I really don’t think it detracts from the artists ability to earn money. It just helps spread the word about great music. Alright, more than enough for this post. If you want to know more, I’m always about.  Also check out World of Sound page here, I’m going to try and keep it updated with new bands I’m listening to as well as post links. You can find all of my “stations” there. Feel free to join in, or request a song. Music is meant to be shared!


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  1. Great post, DJ. Keep on rockin’ in the free world…

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