Spoiled. Totally spoiled.

I was spoiled. Totally. Hope my cousins never see my blog. I was an only child, and my grandmother’s baby. Easter time? I didn’t just get one big basket. I got 3. Christmas stockings? At least 2 from gran. Full to the brim. As a child at least, I only got 1 as an adult. Yes, I was spoiled.

You have to understand, under Gran’s tree (often ceramic and beautiful) the table overflowed with presents. New bf/gf, they got a present. Husbands/wives yep, they got presents. Packages were often super decorative. Fancy bows often with treats attached: little bags of chocolate coins, a small toy. We usually combined with my aunt’s family for Christmas, which meant 3 girls all around the same age. When we opened packages together, no one was different. If one girl got a doll from grandma, we all got one. Different styles, but still the same. Share and share alike. But that was only the story when we were actually “together”.

Before leaving to Auntie’s, I’d open at least 1 present at gran’s that was just for me. When we got back? Even more. Often as many as we got at Auntie’s. Many a year I sat on her lap, or next to her, opening some special thing that let me know she thought of me. Now I can’t even remember what all I got. I do remember a lot of Avon. Remember those collectible bottles of perfume? Little shepherdesses, plastic birds, doggies. I never opened the perfume, but I had the bottles on my dresser. Not sure where they are now. But always I got “extra”. And that’s just gran, I got more from my parents of course. Totally spoiled.

She was always thoughtful about things too. The presents she gave me were things you knew she’d picked out with care. And flannel sheets. When she discovered I loved flannel sheets, every Christmas I got a new set. Until I finally had to tell her, Gran, there’s no room in my apartment for them! Note, that was as an adult! She used to get Kaitie a set too. Along with her porcelin dolls. That she really didn’t deserve since she never took care of them.

In later years it was harder for her, being retired. But the same thought went into the presents and the careful wrapping. Every present was full to the brim with her heart and tied up with love. That’s just the kind of person she was. Remind me to tell you about the year I cheated myself and peeked in every box. She knew, but never said a word. I’ll be thinking of you as I wrap the presents this year Gran. They may be few, but my heart will go in each one. Thank you for showering me with love, thank you for spoiling me.


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