Baby Girl Eintstein

Well not really. Maybe she’s Mozart. All I know is it seems that daily she comes up with new things that totally floor me. And of course I have to tell everyone all the wonderfully cute/super smart/wonderful things she does. Like at the store yesterday (without a 2-year old tantrum in sight), she said thank you to the girl bagging our groceries, then opened her arms wide to give her a hug. And she says “luv you” without me saying it first. Kills me! I don’t know what I’d do without her, must figure out a way to work out the money stuff.

And did I tell you, she can count to 10. As in, actually count objects, not just say the words. Working on her ABC’s. Actually can figure out that tomorrow comes after she goes to sleep. That conversation was interesting. “I want to see my friends,” came as I was tucking her in. “Okay sweetie, tomorrow you’ll see them.” “Have to sleep first.” I blinked. “Yes love, you have to sleep first, then it’s tomorrow.” “See Felicia tomorrow?” “No. We’ll see Felicia Thursday.” “See friends in the morning.” “Yes, you’ll see your friends tomorrow morning.”

It totally amazes me that I can carry on a conversation with her. I don’t remember my daughter being quite so verbal this young. But that was 17 years ago. My daughter had a huge vocabulary, much like baby girl, but I don’t remember her stringing them all together so much. Although, she would say excuse me to people in the grocery store. Or ask them “What’s your name? What’s your daugther’s name?” Even if they didn’t have kids with them. That’s another thing, baby girl will see another child and say “Look mom, a boy.” She differentiates between boys and girls.

Everytime she comes up with something I want to do so much more to help her grow further. But at the same time, I want her to be herself. Would love to get her in some kind of gymnastics class, oh and a music class. Maybe an art class too. Karate you think? Dance. Yeah, maybe we’ll just dance more together.  Or sing, listen to music, run, draw. We do puzzles together, and color. She even tries to color right. After one time of watching me color. She picks a crayon and works on the hat, or the shoe. Not in the lines, but she gets the idea.

On the problem side, she’s high high energy. She folds her arms and sticks out her chin VERY well. She throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. Well, not full tantrums. But she does NOT like no. And she’s started stuttering. I think it’s just that she’s thinking way too fast to keep up and the words get jumbled. But I am vacililating between wanting to “notice” it, to remind her to slow down, take her time and ignoring it so I don’t make her self-conscious. Right now I’m playing it by ear.

Her hugs are the sweetest thing. Love when she wakes up and gives me a hug. Some mornings, hugs are a no-no and I get a grouchy face instead. Picking her up after school, she runs to me for a quick hug before running of to get her things.  She’s growing so fast. And I’m being bad about catching her on film, not to mention she’s become a shy thing in front of the camera. I’ll do better. Don’t want to miss a thing.


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  1. Our’s seems to be going into the Baby Nikola Tesla stage… trying to pull the plug covers out. Well… that’s how I learned. =p

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