Baby Girl Eintstein

Well not really. Maybe she’s Mozart. All I know is it seems that daily she comes up with new things that totally floor me. And of course I have to tell everyone all the wonderfully cute/super smart/wonderful things she does. Like at the store yesterday (without a 2-year old tantrum in sight), she said thank you to the girl bagging our groceries, then opened her arms wide to give her a hug. And she says “luv you” without me saying it first. Kills me! I don’t know what I’d do without her, must figure out a way to work out the money stuff.

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Almost 2!

So far I’m not doing well at keeping up with the blog! So many cute things and new things she’s done that I haven’t blogged. Going to just do a bunch of blurbs in this post. Can’t believe she’s almost 2 already.

Brushing her teeth:
She loves brushing her teeth, but we’ve still not got the hang of rinsing. But she has learned to spit. And to rinse her toothbrush in the toilet. <sigh> Need stock in toothbrush company. But I decided to practice the whole rinse and swallow in the bathtub with a cup. I found out exactly what she learned from my attempting to train her: how to make the face. I watched her drink the water, screw her face up into the oddest expression and spit. Not the water, she swallowed that. She just spits. <shakes head>

She talks. A lot!
At school the teachers have overheard her say “Nathan, sit down please.” I’ve heard her tell other kids “No running.” So three word, even four word sentences aren’t abnormal. She knows everyone’s name at school, she knows their moms. Always copying new words. But a couple of days ago she told me “I don’t want that.” Blew me away. When did she grasp the concept of “I”?

Panty experiment
Mind you, she’s been telling me pee-pee for like 5 months. Seriously. She can come tell me she has to go, or needs to be changed. She wipes. She can go all night and wake up dry. She can take her pants on and off. She’s ready right? Except no matter how frequently she sits on her potty it’s not until she gets off that she pees. On the floor, or her bed. So, I thought maybe if she had panties, she’d get wet and think ooh that’s what it is. I should go potty. Nope. 3 pairs of underwear 2 hours later, we went back to diapers. She’ll do it when she’s ready. But she seems so ready dang it! Oh well.

And by the way, she can count, but we haven’t figured out the showing she’s 2 with her fingers yet. But she does know her name. Ask her. She’s ‘Lena. Not sure if that’s gonna stick or not. We’ll see.

November 8th is just around the corner! We just have to get through Halloween first.

Daredevil in the making

There was awe on her face as she looked up at the spinning wheel high in the air. Because it was just the two of us, I had no way to capture the look on her face, but the excitement was evident. She’d already expressed her delight at the rides, evidently she’s a speed lover. But now, before the super-high ferris wheel, she was captured.

As I pushed the stroller over the various obstacles, she would point out the “dogs” hanging in the game booths. She spotted food vendors, and a beautiful fairy like wreath (I can make one for you if you like) that I spent $2 on, people, games, but she was fine with moving by. Every so often we’d stop so she could watch, but that was me stopping, not her request. Then, the ferris wheel. The “oooooh”, the bouncing, the excitement. This ride had her attention and we had to stop. We also could not leave.

Of course it was slowing down as we got there. Doors opening, passengers clambering out while others climbed on board. I tried to move us on but was firmly told “no”. She wanted to stay and watch. So we watched. And waited. As the ride slowly filled back up. Then it started it’s slow acceleration. Her eyes watched the revolution, her hand pointed to the very top of the wheel, where it brushed the sky. The height is what impressed her.

Finally, I’d had enough of watching this wheel spinning round and round. I did look at the sign, because there were toddlers getting off the ride with parents. I knew that next year, if we come back to the fair, she’ll insist on that ride. Maybe I’ll avoid it all completely. I don’t DO heights. But it appears she’s a daredevil with no fears. She loved the tall slide at the Bounce U. I managed 2 trips. Barely. She likes the tallest slides, she swings happily on monkey bars. She dares. I don’t. But I will. But not today.

Day 2 of Big Girl’s Bed

Did I tell you I’m old? And forgetful? I probably forgot to. It’s been 18 years since I last had to deal with moving out of a crib to a regular bed. Which is a story all its own for another time. I can’t remember when you’re supposed to make that big transition. She doesn’t fall out of my bed. Often. And to be honest, my bed is a LOT higher than the double bunk bed bottom in her room. If she falls out of her big bed, she might wake up, but she won’t get hurt.

So I’ve been working on this transition. First we tried nap time. It was a novelty at first, then she decided she wanted to nap in her crib. Okay, try again. This time, not only did she lay in the big bed, she slept in the big bed. When nap time was over, she came on out. No fuss, no muss. Nice. Still wasn’t interested in big bed to go to sleep in at night. She was quite happy to bang on my door and point, clearly indicating her plans to sleep in MY bed.

Finally I just put her to bed one night in her bed. Covered her up, showed her that her water cup was right by her bed. Doll doll tucked in by her side, night light on, kisses. Then I held my breath. Some crying, reassurance. Some of the okay if you want to cry, I’ll close the door so you can have your tantrum alone (we’ve gone through that one before a LOT). Soon after, sleep. She woke up once and I went in and recovered her, and she went back to sleep.

Tonight is day two of this. Lot more fuss and muss. Crying. Now, as I write this, after one closing of the door, a second tuck in and admonishment to go to sleep, I am not hearing anything. Maybe I’ll be getting rid of the crib soon. Good thing, because they way she jumps on it I’m sure it’s going to break any day now.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Finally we had a rainy day. I’ve been looking forward to taking her out in the rain since I found the ladybug raincoat and boots. She’s too big for them now, but I did get to take her out. In her diaper and sneakers we headed out to feel the sprinkles on our skin. While we were out she didn’t seem all that excited. The drops were small, little sprinkles against her arms and hand, not much to see. After we went inside she turned to me and said “water?” pointing out to the sky. I explained that the water from the sky was called rain and showed her she could watch from the window. She was temporarily fascinated with the “water” as it began to pound down. With the window open she kept her hand on the screen feeling the water blown in by the wind. I look forward to the winter and puddle jumping!

October 4th, 2008


Grapes! She loves grapes. But she loves to take them off the stems and play with them as much as she does eat them. I could hear her talking and a bit curious about what she was talking about, I turned to watch. She was saying “one”, “two”, “three”, over and over. But, she was moving the grapes as she said it. Like she was counting them. I’ve been working on getting her to say two by the time she’s two. And get the finger part down. But nope, she’s counting. So we’ll have to sit down and incorporate more counting play into our day. Have to find some good things to count: like grapes and cheerios!

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

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