Music Operandi

This is a post about process and music. I’m a huge music fan, and listen to a variety of genres/artists. A few stats: over 29,000 plays on since March (though that counts the ones played on home computer before that I think). Over 1,700 blips since I started in September. Over 500 artists have at least 16 plays in my library. Another 1,082 artists (my math, could be off) have anywhere from 3 to 16. About 1,404 have at least 2.

I listen to a LOT of music. And a lot of different stuff. To me the interesting thing is that I cross-over from source to source. has become my new toy and favorite, but is huge for me as well. I use those two in combination (along with a few others) to find new artists as well as listen and share old favorites. So this post is going to explain a bit with how they work together, along with other sites, to bring me to the music I DO play.
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Spice of Life

So it’s probably about time I do a music post. Music is a huge part of my online presence as well as my home life. I have music at work, in the car, on the phone, on my computer, the radio, etc. I listen to hip-hop, old school, jazz, blues, rap, reggae, metal, ska, rock, country. But I must say, my music tastes have changed a lot since I was a kid.

I lucked out I think, with my mom, dad, and grandmother. All music fans, and all had diverse tastes, with just a little crossover. So I listened to musicals with gran, motown and big band with my dad, folk and Woodstock artists with my mom. Then of course eventually I found “my generation” music that I liked. I even picked up some from my kid. Plus, I played piano. I had these old standard books that had songs like One Tin Soldier and Muskrat Love. Amazing the appreciation you gain from playing the stuff. Even if you’d never listen to it, it gets stuck in your head when it’s just the music and you.
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